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See iMedDo founder Dr. Ben in Award Winning Health Documentary "The Big Secret Movie" Winner of 2017 Best Feature Documentary International Film Award in Nice, France, trailer below:

Now that you know the "Big Secret", read the iMedDo Guide Chapter 1, click on "Guide" tab above, to learn the health supplement mindset and how the iMedDo detox system can drastically improve your health by safely replenishing your iodine mineral stores using a system of silver and gold to control or avoid altogether detox reactions.

If you would like to purchase the iMedDo ultimate fluoride and heavy metal detox system, click on the "Home" tab and scroll down to the paypal dropdown menus or CLICK HERE. If you have already purchased your 6 month supply of health supplements for $150, please start by watching the video below explaining in detail how to unbox your products and how to take your first dosage.

For detailed written information on the products read the Guide Chapter 2 on NeuSilver™, Chapter 3 on NeuIodine™ and Chapter 4 on NeuGold™ or watch to video below to hear Dr. Ben spend about 15 min per product explaining them in his own words. Video lecture was LIVE streamed in Killeen, Texas, no cuts edits till phone recorder dies at end but is really great to hear Dr. Ben speak on the fly as you can really hear his sincerity and passion for iMedDo products!

For those interested in delving deeper into the chemistry of iMedDo products NeuSilver™, NeuIodine™, and NeuGold™, Dr. Ben has created with the help of Video Editor Shari-Grace an educational video series on each one, click the links below and each video series will play back to back!

Video Series 1: NeuSilver™ Colloidal Silver by iMedDo

Video Series 2: NeuIodine™ Iodine by iMedDo

Video Series 3: NeuGold™ Colloidal Gold by iMedDo

Grace Explains Where on Skin to put NeuIodine™

Dr. Ben discusses Colloidal silver and Alzheimer's on Road to Wellness Interview

Metaphysical Video: How to AURA CLEANSE with NeuSilver™ & NeuGold™ on hands

To request a video topic contact Dr. Ben at!

Get a 6th month supply of all three iMedDo Products for only $150! Wherever you are on your health journey iMedDo will take you to the next level of health!
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