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Our team is highly knowledgeable in the field metal/metal detox health supplement nanotechnology and can get you the answers you need or direct you to the right kind of health care provider for your optimum health. Call 7 days a week 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. CST 832-919-NEUS (6387).

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Read the Supplement Guide to learn how to use iMedDo products. Learn the health supplement mindset and how you can use NeuSilver™, NeuIodine™ and NeuGold™ to detox and complement your health synergistically.

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Dr. A. Ben Goins MS DSM and wife Shari Goins BA at NOW Center in Dallas, TX.


Food grade colloidal silver for health support. Hundreds of self-medication usages of silver metal are known for topical and internal use, but we do not recommend taking silver internally unless you use NeuSilver™ which does not cause Argyria and won't turn you blue. Silver in general is known to have anti-germ, anti-inflammatory, and perhaps even anti-cancer properties. Silver is bio-electrically conductive and is said to cleanse the aura and remove negative energy.


Detox strength iodine for total body health support. Iodine is an endocrine mineral nutrient and is vital for thyroid, brain and adrenal health, and for women is especially important for breast and ovary health. Iodine detoxes fluoride and bromide (and all heavy metals) from the body and the pineal gland and thus opens up the inner eye and enhances dreaming.


Food grade colloidal gold for health support. Gold is generally known to "calm the nerves" and help with mood, nervousness, arthritis, addiction, regeneration, meditation, and generally causes a shift to a higher energy level of awakenment and empowerment.


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